Jordan North

Capture by    Helynn Ospina

Capture by Helynn Ospina

herald | trickster | ally

Pricked on the heel in a circle grove, Jordan found herself deeply steeped in the Otherworld at a young age. Her youth was littered with experiences of prophetic dreaming, visions of spirits, and feelings of the non-ordinary. She spent most of her time lost in her own imaginings, communing with nature and the unseen; but a sudden illness brought her so near death that she fought with spirits in fever dreams, imagining them to be expressions of the malignant, not knowing them to be the guides to bring her through her sickness into an awakening.

She struggled into adulthood with one illness after another, but her spirit was never broken and through the fog she began to see hints of what was to come. A religious upbringing had long alienated her from her purpose and had entrenched her further into darkness until the call of the Fairy Realm grew too deafening. When she finally answered the call, it was as though the troubled skies parted and sun shone anew. She found purpose, wholeness, and began to heal physically in a way she had formerly thought impossible. She lost herself, found herself, and lost herself again as she began to put the pieces of her soul back together. And when she finally began to practice her purpose, she was gifted guide, teacher, and aid one after another until she stumbled into her new home in Santa Cruz, CA, where she now lives, practicing reverence for the divinity this earth, the embodiment of spirit in nature, and the expression of magic in her daily life.

She offers herself to the sanctity of myth, teaching others in how to find their own path through the wilderness and to the inmost cave of their being to retrieve the elixir of purpose and return to the Ordinary Realm renewed.


why bear & the river north?

The bear is said to be the oldest worshipped deity in the world. This Spirit has been at my side since I embarked on my questing road over ten years ago, revealing himself to me in a waking dream in my college apartment, rifling through my things and demanding my attention. Sovereign, fearsome, and wholly comical.

It took me years—and many more nightly encounters with this gracious being—before I found myself at the forest’s edge, being summoned within its sylvan walls. I struggled at that liminal place, searching for and following every path I could find, but when I would get some way in, I would fail and end my journey defeated and miserable. That is, until I found how my story was connected to those of myth. Until I found myself drawn to the legend of Arthur—Artus, Arcturus, The Bear. Until I saw that in seeking the Grail, the knights went their separate ways, knowing that it would be a disgrace to go together, and that each knight must seek to find his own path.

Suddenly, pieces began to fall into place and I saw that my ancestry—Celtic, Germanic—worshipped this deity as long ago, perhaps, as 100,000 BC and that my obsession with Arthurian Legend was not just a child’s obsession with fantasy, but an ancestral call to the stories that built my lineage and that demanded I find my own way.

That Way is the River North and it refers to my name, Jordan, but also to my Path. Guided by the North Star, connected to the Ursa Major/Minor constellations, I found the Jordan/River path leading me inward and to the wisdom of an ancient place. That is when I found and recovered my own Grail.

It is my hope that you will find your Bear—guide, mentor, ally—and your Path—that of your heart—that will lead you to the place where you will meet your Truest Self.