Mythic Mentorship

Now, what are you to do about instruction? You can get clues from people who have followed paths, but then you have to carom off that and translate it into your own decision, and there is no book of rules.
— Joseph Campbell

dear path-seeker,

You seek that which is only your own, that no one else can give, and yet, you desire wisdom, explanation, aid in your journey, skills and tools that might be used along the way. For even as this path must be of your own making, you sit idly at the forest-edge, debating whether the discomfort of a life lived at the behest of others is more unbearable to the Unknown that lies ahead. But if you just knew what was to come… if you just had some way to ensure its worth, you may just answer the call of Adventure.

This is where I offer myself to you. For I have tread my path, entered the inmost cave of my Self, and returned to the realm of Ordinary lands with my life, though a life different from the one I had before.

You seek an antidote for the inauthentic life, a confirmation to live at the will of your heart—a Grail to your Waste Land and the idea that you must do what you’re supposed to do.

Consider this your herald received: the Call to Adventure. And consider me a mentor to your path. Though you must forge the way of your own will, I am here to offer what knowledge and experience I can to aid you in your journey and to be an ally in your pursuit of inner wisdom.

I do not promise it will be a path of ease, but I do promise that should you tread the path of your Heart, doing as it bids instead of the will of others, you shall succeed on your quest and find your answers. And you will return changed, unrecognizable to those you might have known before, but with the skills to serve the continued good of mankind, and with a purpose formerly unknown.


journey aids & tools

These courses provide myth-based teachings to aid you in your journey of self-discovery. They draw from the ancient formulas and archetypes that have existed time immemorial.

The Arcana of the Self is an introductory course that takes you on a journey to your self. It follows mythic structure through the herald Call to Adventure, through meeting the Shadow and Trickster and the tests they will provide, to the Inmost Cave, and back out again. It is not a how-to course, nor is it a course that provides quick answers or easy revelations. It is a course that demands you put into it as much as you hope to get out of it and will be entirely unique to each individual who embarks upon its Journey. This course is the first of all courses and must be completed to engage in any others at this time.

Currently, I am on my own mythic journey, so this course’s release is delayed until I have returned. In the meantime, feel free to follow along with my blog or subscribe to my newsletter.